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Top 5 Unicorn & Mermaid Relaxing Essentials

You and i both know that unicorns and mermaids are the best! 

That's why we have complied a list of our favorite top five handmade unicorn and mermaid inspired bathroom essentials, that will make your "me time" even more magical and relaxing! 🛁✨ 

Unicorn Whipped Rainbow Soap

Unicorn Birthday Bash Soap 

Hand Whipped Foaming soap is fun to use with it's rainbow of colors! 

It will leave your skin feeling clean and really soft. This foaming whipped soap is safe for kids and can be used as party favors or as a gift!

P.S. Ladies you can use it for shaving as well, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized! 😉
Unicorn Birthday Bash Soap - Click to See Price 


Sweet Bella - Handmade Unicorn Soap

These Sweet Bella handmade soaps are so cute, in fact we think they might be too cute to even use!

Each Bella Soap is handmade with eco friendly ingredients and smells delicious with the scent of almond and coconut oil. Please don't eat them, remember they're soaps not cakes! 🍰Sweet Bella Handmade Unicorn Soap - Click to See Price 


Donut Bath Bomb 

These will Make you feel like a kid again! The teal part the doughnut is the bath bomb & the drizzled syrup on top is soap, so the whole doughnut is safe to enjoy in your tub. You can even cut it in half, put half in the tub and save the other half for another relaxing bath! 😃Donut Bath Bomb - Click to See Price


Mermaid Face Mist 

Mermaids are mystical and magical beautiful creatures and now we have one of their beauty secrets. This majestic mist is made with only the purest and natural of ingredients. 

You will feel like a Mermaid as you spray the natural toning mist on your face and body. Use when stepping out of the shower or in the day as a pick me up! It's super refreshing yet relaxing at the same time. 💋Mermaid Face Mist - Click to See Price


Rainbow Dance Whipped Body butter

Rainbow Dance Whipped Body butter 

Colorful, fun and good for your skin! We love This Rainbow Dance Whipped Body butter it's so pretty and the rainbow of colours really pop!

You only need a dab of the Rainbow Dance Whipped Body Butter as it goes a long way. It makes your skin feel super soft and also leaves a beautiful shimmer on your skin in certain light that leaves you feeling fab! 🤩Rainbow Dance Whipped Body butter - Click to See Price 

If you love all things unicorn and mermaid as much as we do! Be sure to follow @sybaritetrends on instagram for daily majestic posts  🦄🍭🧜‍♀️ 

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